James Charles Admits Disparaging Ariana Grande Is One of His “Biggest Regrets” – E! Online



James Charles is addressing negative remarks he made several years ago about Ariana Grande.

During a Q&A posted to his Instagram Story on Wednesday, Sept. 15, a social media user asked the 22-year-old beauty influencer what Ariana did to make James previously call her the “rudest celebrity” he’d ever met. 

“literally nothing,” James replied in his since-expired post, as seen in a screenshot that a fan shared on Twitter. “the fact that I said that is one of my biggest regrets of my career & it still follows me 4 years later which sucks.”

James, who took a break from YouTube earlier this year after being accused of sending “inappropriate” messages to minors, went on to say he plans to record a video review of Ariana’s upcoming R.E.M. Beauty line.

“I plan on talking about it more in depth when I film my review of REM,” James added. “all I can hope is that people listen with an open mind.”




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