Nikita Dragun Under Fire For Claiming Trans Women ‘Set The Trends’ For Cis Gender Females And Allegedly Trying To Out Tyga



Youtuber Nikita Dragun’s music debut was embroiled in controversy Thursday.

The popular YouTube personality is mainly known for her makeup skills, but she’s attempting to branch out into the music scene and make her name as a pop star.

The drop for the video of her new single, however, caught heat for several reasons.

Nikita was called out by Asian Doll for using her image in the music video. 

In the video, Nikita raps “y’all wearing s**t that I already wore” as various photos of women, including Asian Doll, are displayed in the background. All of the women’s photos have the word “d**k” written over them.

Asian fired off a few tweets in response to Nikita, but Asian also received backlash for misgendering Nikita in the messages. Asian Doll’s Twitter account was not active as of Thursday night.

“Nikita will get dragged by his bald head,” one of Asian’s tweets read.

“What they call boys that pick on girls? Bullying” read another.

Nikita fired back, letting Asian Doll know the intention of using her image in the video was to make a statement about trans women being trendsetters.

“This statement was to show that Trans women set THE trends for cis gender feales, yet never get the credit. This was not meant to be shady towards u. U just happened to be an example,” Nikita wrote.

She also told another Black woman that Black trans women and Black gay people “gave the culture,” when the woman told Nikita that Black women create the culture for the queer community.

Then Tyga began trending after Nikita Dragun shared a screenshot of Tyga messaging her to text him in her video, in what people criticized as an attempt to out him.

Tyga accused Nikita of clout chasing and added that his company shot and directed a music video for her a while back, likely implying that was the reason for the message.

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