Genshin Influence 2.2 leaks: Thoma’s C4 constellation and skills modified



Thoma is a Genshin Impact character who will possible be launched in Model 2.2 of the sport, and up to date leaks present slight adjustments to his gameplay.

Genshin Influence leakers have lengthy since revealed Thoma’s elemental talents and constellations. Nevertheless, the Genshin Influence workforce has evidently modified a few of these elements because the leaks first got here out. Based on new data, Thoma’s C4 means has modified together with the injury absorption scaling of his Elemental Talent.

Genshin Influence leakers reveal adjustments to Thoma’s Elemental Talent and constellations

The leaks reveal adjustments to Thoma’s burst and its vitality value. Additionally they present a sneak peek at Blazing Barrier’s stackable injury absorption. Nevertheless, the knowledge on this article is sourced from leaks and is topic to vary within the last model of the sport.

Adjustments to Thoma’s fourth constellation

New leaks predict that Thoma’s C4 means will restore 15 vitality to Thoma upon casting his Elemental Burst.

Thoma’s C4 got updated in english version

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Before this leak, Genshin Influence insiders believed Thoma’s C4 would restore 1 vitality each time a Fiery Collapse hit an enemy. Fiery Collapses are a byproduct of Thoma’s burst, dealing AoE Pyro injury to enemies in tandem with the lively character’s regular assaults. A Fiery Collapse might happen as soon as each second throughout Thoma’s burst.

Since Thoma’s burst is predicted to final 15 seconds, his outdated C4 means would have restored a most of 15 vitality. Nevertheless, because it’s possible that gamers wouldn’t typically set off all 15 Fiery Collapses over the burst length, his new C4 is a strong enchancment. As an alternative of doubtless regaining 15 vitality over the course of 15 seconds, Thoma will acquire 15 vitality immediately when he makes use of his burst.

Primarily based on the leaked data, Thoma ought to have a really highly effective burst in Genshin Influence, functioning much like Xingqiu’s. The power is prone to have a excessive vitality value of 80, however gamers who deliver Thoma to C4 ought to discover it a lot simpler to keep up burst uptime.

Thoma’s Elemental Talent in Genshin Influence

Leaks declare that Thoma’s Elemental Talent will deal AoE Pyro injury and create a stackable Blazing Barrier defend.

The Blazing Barrier’s injury absorption will scale off of Thoma’s max HP, and leakers have discovered the precise percentages that may be used to calculate his defend power.

Nevertheless, newer data exhibits that these percentages will probably be decrease than initially believed. To compensate, the Blazing Obstacles will obtain a flat quantity buff to their injury absorption primarily based on expertise degree.

Thoma Elemental Talent:

Max DMG absorption of Blazing Barrier (Lv. 1):
-Previous: 23.5% of Max HP
-New: 19.6% of Max HP +1887

Thoma C4:
-Previous: Fiery Collapse hits restore 1 Power for Thoma each 0.3s.
-New: Casting Crimson Ooyoroi restores 15 Power for Thoma.

At first look, it’s unclear whether or not this transformation to the injury absorption is a buff or a nerf. Nevertheless, some easy calculations point out that the Blazing Barrier will probably be stronger than initially believed.

@dimbreath Let’s assume 20k hp:
– outdated: 4700
– new: 5807

Now with 30k hp:
– outdated: 7050
– new: 7767

This can be a buff, folks.

Genshin Influence might proceed to change Thoma’s options forward of his possible launch in model 2.2. Regardless, primarily based on the whole lot recognized about Thoma, most gamers will certainly construct him for HP. With an HP-focused construct, Thoma may turn out to be the perfect 4-star shield support in Genshin Influence.

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